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This website offers stories and tales to those who wish to escape the real world for a while. Whether you long for the fantasy realms, the poignant landscapes of romance, or the depths of mystery, the site is a haven for those who crave stories carefully crafted and seek to find a portal to different worlds and feel a myriad of sensations.

In this website we strongly believe authors should be rewarded for the work, the time and the passion they put in their stories. The prices are not based on greed they have been fixed with fairness taking into consideration the cost of running such a website and what is just for the authors.

We welcome polite feedback; even ugly truths can be revealed with kindness. We have a 0-tolerance policy for malicious comments, insults, threats, harassment of any kind towards, an author, another reader or my moonlights team. If you choose hate we will block you.

We offer you a free chapter for each story and three for books so you can make an informed decision to buy or not, knowing there is no refund according to the terms and conditions respectful of the law.

There are more stories to come and we have ambitions, hopes and dreams for this little website and we hope you’ll remain with us along the way.

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